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Single Phase Transformers
Single phase transformers are designed to effectively reduce line cost and line loss and improve the quality and reliability of the electrical energy supply system they are overhead type distribution transformers, suitable for direct pole mounting, completely self protected against lightning or switching, surges and secondary overloads. These transformers are capable of withstanding mechanical and thermal stress caused by short circuiting in accordance with IS 2026. It can be supplied either in Corrugation panel or Pressed Steel Radiators.

  • Distribution losses are reduced by 75% or more depending on load factor.
  • Reduction of System faults because of length of LV lines are extremely low.
  Single Phase Transformers
Single Phase Transformers
  • In Single phase system, only a few number of consumers are connected to a transformers and as a result chances of unauthorized connections and theft of energy are reduced.
  • This is the cost effective method to electrify remote villages and hamlets where bringing a 3 Phase line is costly to low demand.
  • The Single Phase circuits can be upgraded to 2 Phase or 3 Phase circuits in futures, if load growth warrants it. Thus the Electricity Boards can keep the investment low and cut down the expenses during the initial period of low demand and electrify remote rural areas.

We are manufacturing single phase, three phase, 50 Hz, Oil immerses, naturally cooled, Pole mounted/Platform mounted, double wound with Aluminum/Copper, Step up/Step down core type continuous duty transformers from 5KVA to 167KVA up to 33KV Class with ‘A’ Class Insulation and designed to withstand short Circuit, & Impulse Test in accordance to ANSI/IEC/BS/IS.

The temperature rise will be 50/55ºC in Oil/Winding respectively over a maximum ambient temperature as per ANSI. The transformers will be manufactured as per ANSI C57 latest, complete with fittings / assessors as stated below.